Avatar belongs to someone else... except it's one of the old, provided-to-all-users ones

Occasionally I log in where I left off, and find myself staring at a big placard telling me that the avatar I’m wearing has been detected as belonging to someone else, and to click here to select another one… except that the av I have on is one of the early, given-out-to-everyone avatars. Popping to another Domain via Goto usually sorts it. I’m guessing this is some bug that happens when the domain isn’t responding back fast enough on some query or other. Right now, it’s happening when I arrive at GetStarted, but I have seen it happen elsewhere. Is this a bug in the Interface, or is this a bug in the Domain software?

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I really can’t say what their thinking was with how they went about this, but there’s a fairly simple workaround if you have the URL to the FST file for the avatar (it should listed on your avatar menu). What you’ll want to do is copy the FST file, edit the text and remove the entire “Marketplace_ID” line (or something similar, I don’t have one in front of me at the moment). Save that file & store it someplace, then you should be able to load the avatar using it w/out issue. I’ve had to use it for a few avatars that were legitimately ours to use but that the system tried to block anyway. Works for me. :smiley: Hope it helps!

I think the issue only seems to show up when you log in, at least so far I think I’ve only encountered it at login. Maybe something is getting trampled on in the mechanism due to all the other stuff being loaded in world at the same time.