Guest Editorial: What's Wrong with High Fidelity

Guest Editorial: What’s Wrong with High Fidelity


I’m really struggling with this belief.
I still do not understand why people think that decentralization is anti-business. If one party does not control the platform that you were using. Somehow that is anti-business.
High Fidelity was designed to be more like the internet. An Apache server and a Firefox browser.
If you were to make the same argument about Apache servers and Firefox browsers. You would come to the conclusion that it is decentralized. It is anti-business.
How could these companies making these browsers ever make any money.
But it is the only way you can have companies like Amazon. You could have never had an Amazon on Second Life. You could have individuals running small businesses. No large company would want to put their business in a situation where they are forced under the boot of an overarching owner of the platform there on. And they will always have to compete with the built-in Marketplace. Which will always get special treatment.
You want to see what would happen if we had a truly open metaverse. We only have to look at the money changing hands On the open internet.

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