Merchant/Stores option (Marketplace Idea)


One thing i have noticed on the marketplace is, that there isn’t a clear indication of a Merchant / Stores option or a tab you can switch to. I know it may sound odd at first to have a merchant option but i do think that certain people on Hifi want to establish their brand and expand it. The reason i bring this up, is because i have been trying to look up certain list of certain peoples products they have uploaded on the marketplace but sadly there is no option to do so.

My question however is, how i can reach out to hifi so they listen to my or anyones proposals. I will likely post this on the hifi forums but im not sure if they will listen.

Any ideas would be appreciated

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Hehe the Cutelab brand! I put a lot under that name. I don’t think hifi has time for that or even cares. The marketplace isn’t well designed and their shift to business software means that the marketplace is probably deprecated. It may go down any day and it’s not even available on the Steam build.

Perhaps we should create a user repository. A github but more marketplace-y for everyone to use. I’ve been thinking about this for a long time but haven’t gotten round to it because there’s no demand. Everyone has their own profile where they can post avatars, models, scripts and describe them with pictures and categories and tags.


Would totally by cute things from Cutelab! Oh really? I didn’t know it wasn’t available on the Steam build, i only knew of the wallet being removed from the Steam build and that was it really. Nevertheless, if Hifi isn’t going to continue working on the marketplace for the time being, surely that will make the whole metaverse experience for the newer people harder wouldn’t you say?

Also about the idea of making an own marketplace-y which is similiar to github. It sounds like a good idea, but having everything properly managed, hosting all the content from other people on your server, sending content to peoples inventories and even making sure that avatars or content aren’t being stolen sure seems like a major task. Are you sure it would be possible to create such a thing in an open source scale?

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Oh my mistake, the marketplace is still there but only free things are available. I’ve been doing full stack web development and networking for a couple of years. I know what I can do, it’s my best skill. I made my own Netflix/media server thing that I spent a good year making once for a couple hundreds of people with terabytes (yes actually terabytes) of data stored on the server being constantly streamed. I also wrote a modern accounting system designed for mobile for my dad’s company. It’s so exciting to see them use that.

Avatar stealing is something that can be solved until it is inconvenient enough. If I had more control over the interface there’s a couple of things that’s possible. GPU buffer obfuscation where you can request the model and you get obfuscated vertices from a web server which also passes a de-obfuscation key that is used in the vertex shader when rendering. But for now you can at least filter requests such as, if you try downloading it will 404 even though it loads in Hifi.

Also the Hifi inventory system is badly designed and I don’t like the certificate system either. Just keep it simple and then see what users need and then it can get complex.

There’s a lot to talk about. If Hifi should stay decentralized, then our user repository system needs to be free software that is free to use for anyone, dockerized and easy to setup. You could have a whole permission model too so that only a small community of people who want to build worlds and experiences can just upload their assets on their communal server and just make shit.

I mean even simpler than this, I once thought about taking the Hifi server stack on Docker and extending it so that it comes with a web server, moderation tools and other things. Most people would agree that they want a drag and drop assets system like Unity.

Then it’s like: “I own a Hifi server and that’s also where all my 3D models live that’s scattered all around the metaverse including my own avatar.”

Or it’s like: “My friends have their own user repository and that’s where my stuff lives. Together we’re make things and have a lovely time.”

Aaah. There’s a lot to say. I should extend the Docker image someday so that you we a system like Google Drive for that domain and can be used as a regular static file hosting server.


One of my reasons to stick around here is because this is so new. I am totally ready to accept and support Maki’s ideas and Cutelab, based on de-centralization and licensing compatible with General Public License and Creative Commons. This provides a huge pool of resources by the Apache, MIT and other licenses which are considered compatible.

I have a lot on my plate currently - for a living I work with EU Regulatory databases for RoHS and REACH, I do BOM scrubbing and such - so I am not directly involved with VR. If I take part it has to be on my own time and dime, or… find a way to incorporate what Maki is doing, bridge it into part of Industry 4.0 my employer is able to utilize to save or make money. Its that simple really :smiley:

There is a lot of ‘bridging’ to be done all across the spectrum, and I am following this with great interest!

Earlier this year I formed Factory 4.0 Open Initiative, LLC. to create a simplified infrastructure and software stack for the small manufacturing shop and related home-based business for much the same reason: enterprise-level services are too expensive, and they require whole-sale change which is simply out of reach for the small shops. Granted, my focus is not Virtual Reality but spreadsheets used as databases, paper forms and tribal-knowledge in the head of individual employees. Yet the simplified infrastructure could be shared without any modification - DNS and email servers, LDAP directory, Docker repository (my current stack is Joomla with Fabrik web forms, which may be mastered without any computer science training).

I am certain there are a lot of people with pet projects like yours and mine floating around, looking for a home. Social Virtualization is nice, but there is also a lot to be shared by manufacturing - 3D printing or 3D models are not that far removed from VR. There is no interaction, but in time a 3D model of the PCBA is going to interact with SPICE modeling to create Virtual Circuits :smiley:

So, maybe while you are working on Cutelab you may consider how related, even remotely related project could join up to share resources?

Congratulations. There many more, more complex layers to add ontop of that to make it more secure

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