Nomadic Identity

I am brand new to hifi so I do not post this to change anything, only to explain a few of my positions.

Discord, alongside with anything with reference to game resources are blocked by the Corporate Firewall. So building a community around it might not the best choice.

In my opinion - asking your community to build itself around someone else’s legal constructs is a bridge too far these days. I would use GPL-compatible software licenses, and CC-compatible content licenses and use my own TOS, EULA, whatever. I would not use those by Google, Facebook, Twitter, or the hundreds of likes that are out there.

As a reference, I did participate in a Discord forum in the past, for developing Open Dominion. Nothing against any individual or the noble project to resurrect a true classic - but the discussion was chaotic. There are just too many relevant subjects, and the individual’s purpose for being there gets lost quickly.

Almost instantly I had a feeling that High Fidelity is building around the still new and exciting concept of Nomadic Identity. In the last few months I started hosting Hubzilla servers to learn about that concept, and so far I am just connecting the dots. However I would assume that the main user forum of High Fidelity is going to be something compatible with that?

As of right now I am still abit confused, I do not understand what and where is the “official” forum, and if that is the “only” one. I also did not understand that installing the Interface REQUIRES serious hardware - just any OpenGL 4.1 PC. This is likely to be my own isolated problem as I never played any ‘serious’ games so what do I know? Yet, some “Recommended Hardware” page would be very, very helpful to me.

Thanks for reading

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Well, welcome Sandor for joining! It is nice to see you.

This is the community for High Fidelity. We’re the people who try our hardest to keep it alive and help new people get started. There’s a lot we know and it’s not written down anywhere which is one reason this site exists. We also can’t tell how much longer High Fidelity will support open source but we know they don’t want to manage a community. Their official forums turned into read-only recently + everything else that has happened suggests someone needs to take care of bringing people together. High Fidelity is very important to me and others because of how strongly it has influenced us. There’s a lot to say about that.

Sorry if you don’t enjoy using Discord. I can understand that because it’s not for everyone but most of our conversations really happen in world anyway. We have our events where we gather together and talk! Those will be neatly available on this site too eventually. We wish we could meet you in-world. Check the Discord events channel for updates if you wanna join! Most of our events are recurring anyway.

I don’t think it’s strange that you need modern hardware for High Fidelity but that’s changing. I think the latest update (0.83.0) supports Intel graphics chips on the cpu now but there’s definitely a huge performance boost. You definitely need to have hardware that can do gl and 3d rendering.

Edit: I updated the Discord so that it’s not “official” anymore. People are confused by it. Thank you

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I did visit briefly last night, but the new PC I bought eventually choked on Windows 10 updates. There is something wrong with its storage unit so I am returning it. It is going to take me some time to get another PC and hook up again.

Its not that I do not enjoy Discord, I simply cannot log in from the office the firewall is blocking - although I am not “playing”, I am connecting the dots between CAD, VR, databases and nomadic identities. So anyhow, hope to see you in a week or so.


Maki, I’m a little confused. You said here “their official forums turned into read-only recently”, but I have been able to post items as recently as earlier today. What’s going on, do you know?

That was a mistake. Apparently it was only for a couple of hours for a software update or something. Anyway, I think a community forum is still a good idea because there’s no rules of what we are and aren’t allowed to do with High Fidelity.

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People still use the official hifi forum, its missleading to say people dont
I have allways been able to speak freely on there and im not one for holding back my views on things.
The suggestion that the forum is censored ,isnt correct, its moderated .
Moderations undesirable but necessary.

Actually this might be close to what Nomadic Identities are all about… On centralized forums such as this one what you post is “pushed” to all participants. On a de-centralized network you post whatever you want, and only people who “pull” your posts see them. I must add, I never used Facebook, so I have no idea how stuff works there… I am not using Hubzilla and other federated forums (Friendica, Mastodon) long enough to fully understand how they work. So no, I cannot possibly compare and post intelligent stuff about them.

But I do know that the difference between moderation and censoring comes down to how much flexibility the software has… so in theory the software should empower you to self-censor, and “push” content types to the network via different channels - instead of attaching all content type to the same channel where people going to constantly complain. Some people always complain, and that also could be very annoying.

I guess it is good that this community is discussing this issue. I say it again, I do not care to spend time online without a purpose, just to diddle chat, and I try to contribute quality content and not waste anyone’s time. Finding the best solution is really important.

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