TypeScript types for the scripting API

I’ve been working on manually documenting the entire API to .d.ts files. I’m also slowly converting all my scripts from https://github.com/makitsune/hifi-things and other repos (foxEssentials too) to TypeScript because I’m sick and tired of writing vanilla ES5 JavaScript. When this is complete, I will likely make a tutorial as an introduction to TypeScript for Hifi.

Here’s where you can find all the typings. Look in hifi.d.ts where you’ll find global classes and types. Namespaces are in separate files.


P.S. When I started, I was working for 5 hours straight and then committed 5000 loc. I even forgot to eat dinner lol. Doing this manually is actually quite fun. I tried doing it procedurally but a lot of Hifi’s jsdoc’s are invalid and certains things need to be sorted out manually.


I have no idea what you just wrote, but thanks for doing it! :smiley_cat:

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I do understand some of them … I never managed to master any scripting language because I do not have the brains for them, the best I can do is shell scripts, SQL, and other very simple stuff. If and when I am ready for a change I am going to spend some time with Python because FreeCad and 3D models… I used to work with JavaScript a lot in the early 90s when I was building intranets with ColdFusion… but I was never any good at them and that was a looooong time ago. I got old and I am slowing down :smiley: