Welcome! About this forum

Hey there, welcome to our FHU forums. Maki and I have set this forum up at our own expense as a free resource for members of the Federated High Fidelity User group.

There is no central official group heading the federation, we are an unofficial circle of folks with a common interest in the promotion and well-being of High-Fidelity based open source VR.

We don’t want to write a list of rules to strictly follow. Just don’t be an asshole and don’t harass each other. We’re all here to care for each other and anyone new. You can discuss as much as you’d like about any topic but remember that we’re all just people.

If you want to see the user events, visit: Users Event Calendar

Thanks for coming!

Caitlyn and Maki


Ah… this makes more sense now, it is so absolutely impossible to tell the scope and the purpose of anything anymore. Unless people come out and say it for what it is, of course. So thanks Maki and Caitlyn!

I could only say that self-hosting is a wonderful thing, it is called citizen(*) substitute the wildcard for anything like citizen-journalist, citizen-manufacturer, citizen-developer. What threw me was the “federated” term, in nomadic identity “federation” refers to the glue technology in software code or script.

I work as a production engineer for a medium-sized PCBA contract manufacturer. In my spare time I study and implement internet clouds (my base platform is Virtualmin on Ubuntu). For that I maintain my own DNS and LDAP and email servers for my own benefit, and I always make sure I have plenty of surplus. I do not have “websites” because all I do requires privileged logins.

I much prefer the BBS-style forums to all other, but that is just my personal preference.